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Aquaforest Amino Mix 10ml

Supplement contains concentrated amino acids. This is essential complement for marine aquarium, es..


Aquaforest Build 10ml

​Speeds up the adsorption of calcium and carbon required for building up coral skeleton. AF Build..


Aquaforest Energy 10ml

AF Energy​​Highly concentrated and  nutritious food for corals.Accelerates coral growth...


Aquaforest Iodium 10ml

Supplement contains concentrated iodine. Essential for many corals especially for mushrooms, zoant..


Aquaforest Iron 10ml

Supplement contains concentrated iron. Iron is an important micronutrient absorbed by corals and a..


Aquaforest Kalium 10ml

Supplement contains concentrated potassium. It’s an important element for correct neurological func..


Aquaforest Phosphate Minus 1lit

Phosphate Minus​An effective medium to do fluidization filters, which during the adsorption redu..


Aquaforest Phyto Mix 100ml

AF Phyto MixLiquid food for soft, gorgonian and non-photosynthetic corals. It consists of zooplankto..


Aquaforest Ricco Food

Powderd food dedicated for Ricordea corals. Instruction: prepare a small container and fill it wit..


Aquaforest Strontium 10ml

Supplement contains concentrated strontium. Strontium, beside calcium and magnesium, is the one mo..


Aquaforest Vitality 10ml

AF VitalitySupplement containing concentrated vitamins for corals. Emphasizes the intensity of th..


Aquaforest Zeo Mix 1lit

Zeo MixCompound of specially matched zeolites. Use in marine and freshwater aquariums. Zeo Mix shou..