AI Hydra 26 HD Black

AI Hydra 26 HD Black

Product Description


HYPER DRIVE is A New technology developed by AQUA ILLUMINATION enables you to utilise power from the colours you have not used at 100% to the colours you desire, thus maximising the output of the light unit creating the spectrum you desire.

Connect & control your lights directly from any iOS or Android mobile device using the “My AI” app.
No additional control interface is required to enable simple set-up & programming of one or multiple AI Hydra HDs or Primes.
No smart phone? Any WiFi enabled Mac or PC will also work too.

• Power readout to tell you how much electricity is actually being
• Can be tank mounted (fittings included) or suspended
(suspension kit sold separately).
• Quiet, temperature controlled cooling fans – only on when
required, and easily serviceable.
• Thermal cut out to protect the LEDs should overheating occur.
• Lightning simulation.
• Controllable blue LED trim to enhance the look of your
PERFECT COLOUR Development between AI and D-D have achieved the perfect colour spectrum for the reef aquarium, straight from the box, with strong emphasis on the crisp blue white hue that hobbyists in Europe demand

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